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"Pregnancy in and of itself is challenging enough. Pregnancy complications add several more layers of challenges and emotions.

Why us? Have others been through this before? How do we tell our family and friends? What about our toddler at home?
The SHINE Perinatal and Pediatric Palliative Care Program with Blank Children’s Hospital was and still is our best resource to help find answers to these challenging questions.

Around week 16 of our pregnancy we discovered one of our twin girls was slightly smaller than the other. We were sent to a neonatologist where we told that our daughter, Harlyn, would very likely not survive due to having restricted growth concerns. Our doctor referred us to SHINE (a service we had never heard of) and set up our initial appointment and meeting – even though we weren’t certain we wanted to attend. But we are so glad we did!

The first thing that stands out to us about SHINE is their ability to listen. They truly cared and didn’t try to have an answer or solution for all our questions or concerns – sometimes, they just listened and tried to comfort us or give us a hug or share a story. We felt like we had an advocate throughout our entire journey.

They also encouraged us think about things that no parent should ever have to but looking back, I am so glad we were prepared for everything that was about to come our way. Being pregnant with twins made things a lot more complicated and they did an excellent job talking through all the situations and being prepared for the absolute worst. They also walked along side us the 43 days we were in the NICU with our surviving twin, Finley. They visited on a very regular basis and made sure we had access to any available resources.

We know that even now … almost two years from working closely with the SHINE team … we can reach out and they’d do everything they could to help. We are forever thankful."​